SANDBOARD.- It is a sport that consists in descending dunes or hills of sand, using special boards. This practice was born in Ica between the years 1988 and 1990. Nowadays, the sandboard attracts to fans that practice it in a professional way. It can be also practice in desserts with dunes. Boogies.- They are tubular cars specially designed for travelling through the dessett, enjoying the excitement of segregating adrenaline when you slide by the dunes and sand tobbogans. HUACACHINA.- It is an oasis located 5 km. southeast away fom Ica. This little lagoon, famous for its medicinal properties and because of its paradisiac surroundings, with palms and many typical trees, it is the perfect place for riding in boogies and practicing the sandboard. By the end of the XIX century, the Huacachina was uninhabited until the Italian Angelo Perotti rediscovered the medicinal properties of its waters and its sands, specially for the cure of skin diseases and the rheumatism.