Credit a flat-coated retriever-yellow Labrador retriever mix named Betsy for inspiring Clint Ronnenberg to launch Outdoor Safety, a company that caters to canine first aid and safety. Betsy cut a foot pad during a pheasant hunting trip in Oregon in 1990 and Ronnenberg lamented that he didn’t know of any available dog first aid kits at the time. A year later, he started Outdoor Safety that now designs premium quality first-aid kits for the sporting, hunting, working and traveling dog. His company’s clients include not only dog owners, but also canine trainers, K-9 police unit handlers and agility canine enthusiasts. His top seller, the Pro Model Sport Canine First Aid Kit contains 90 items inside its sturdy, water-resistant, gate-hinged case – perfect to pack in the car on road trips with your dog. Pawing through the first-aid bag, I felt like I do on Christmas morning – lots of great items are inside. Among my favorite finds: a pen light, dog rehydration drink mix, skunk odor remover, pill gun, silver Mylar emergency blanket, spare leash, nail trimmer, bright stick and pre-surgical scrub brush. The kit also features inside and outside pockets to store additional items like collars and prescription meds. Because of its extensive items and offering of a free one-year membership to The Pet Protector unique pet ID tag, I rank this as the best value.